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Low Risk Franchise Opportunities

With so many different franchise opportunities to choose from, a person can become overwhelmed. A good thought when making your decision could be to try a low-risk franchise opportunity. Even if it doesn’t work out as you had hoped, you won’t lose everything while taking a chance to start your own business.

A franchise in its definition carries lower risk than the traditional start-up business would. A franchisee has a business backed by a larger name brand and also provided with a business outline and training from the franchiser.

Some franchises, such as Doors & Drawers Ltd – a kitchen remodeling business and Viewplus Ltd – and electronics delivery business cost as little as £5,000 to start up. The initial franchise fee pays for a package that includes training, the business setup and start up support, the operations manuals, use of the franchise’s pre-established branding, a location that is protected from the same franchise opening next door, and that franchise’s proven successful business plan and concept.

How do you decide which franchises’ carry lower risks? The easy answer to define low-risk would be a minimal cost to start. The franchisee should also consider a franchise low-risk by the amount of grief, money, time, and reputation, a loss would cause.

There are many fun and inexpensive franchise opportunities to be taken for under £10,000. Since many franchises are low-risk and personally satisfying, an entrepreneur can feel secure in starting their own business.

Jo Jingles, a pre-school children’s music group, costs as little as £6,000 to initially start up. According to Jo Jingles official website, there are already 92 successful Jo Jingles preschools throughout the UK. Jo Jingles is a school that offers music and singing classes for children aged 6 months – 5-years-old. Some franchises even have the opportunity to teach classes to children up to 8-years-old.

An entrepreneur who has a passion for music, is interested in children, and can sing, would find a franchise like Jo Jingles low-risk. Not only will the new business owner only have to shell out a minimum total investment of £6,000, but the personal risk would also be in terms of a business the franchisee truly believes in.

Another way to think of a low-risk franchise is how much of a return the investment can offer. With Merry Maids, “a management franchise opportunity providing a professional, customised cleaning service to its customers,” a franchisee has the backing of a well-known and established company. There are already 1,500 Merry Maids franchises worldwide.

A Merry Maids' custom business management system, corporate support, equipment, supplies, and branded cleaning products cost approximately £15,000. With this the franchisee can manage four two-person cleaning teams who then clean up to three homes each day. Franchise owners are discouraged by Merry Maids franchise from being one of the cleaning teams.

A proven effective start-up plan, such as Merry Maids is a good low-risk franchise choice.

In any business there is always risk. If you are looking for a practical and lower risk avenue, one of the more inexpensive franchises may be right for you. After all, what do you really have to lose in the end?

An old saying is “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”