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Franchise with Confidence

You wouldn’t want to be unsure about the plane on which you fly.

A franchise business isn’t much different. You should never strap yourself in without confidence in the franchise business you are starting.

With WSI there isn’t a need to worry. The home-based internet-services business has a proven track record of business done right.

“When I came across the WSI franchise business opportunity I was shocked at how well it met all of my personal, professional and social expectations,” Karen Sullivan-Correa, a WSI Internet Business Consultant operating in Columbia and the USA, said

Karen started a WSI Franchise Business with charity in her heart. She founded a non-profit organization for underprivileged communities that helped families displaced by war, wounded military personnel and children living with life-threatening diseases. Unfortunately, the economic hardships of the late 90s disabled her ability to continue the non-profit work.

With hope of resurrecting the Foundation and providing for her family Karen gained a Master’s Degree in International Business with the notion of using the power of modern technology to generate her own funding for travel and expenses.

When Karen came across WSI she was astonished at the quality package and training the franchise offered.

“It still surprises me how WSI is able to take an industry and products that are so hi-tech and present them in manageable bites that even I can understand,” she remarked.

Karen believes that WSI’s motto “we simplify the internet” isn’t just a motto, it is the truth. As a WSI consultant she has been able to put her goals back on track. She has even found investment in projects such as rural Internet schooling.

For Myra and Tim Pellens, WSI Internet Consultants in The Netherlands, their business flexibility gives them both more time with their family.

Myra owned a successful food franchise before selling it when she was expecting her third daughter. Tim was eager to leave his successful corporate career in management of Information and Communications Technology to spend more time with his family. When the Pellens’ searched for a stay-at-home franchise opportunity, and were both ecstatic to stumble upon WSI.

“So we were familiar with the franchise industry and were keen to identify one that would give us the opportunity to work together,” Tim said.

They both wanted to be in the dynamic internet industry but were skeptical as neither had programming skills. The good news is that you don’t need a technical background to be successful in WSI’s world-class consulting environment. WSI’s proven system is all you need.

“We have been rewarded with the ability to work locally (no more long commutes), maintain our standard of living with an enhanced quality of life and of course, the occasional chance to stay in bed an extra half hour on a rainy day,” Tim joked.